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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Leopards and their life Leopards and their life A Leopard is a wild cat which is a type of feline.It is one of the four members of the Felidae Family, the leopard being the smallest, whilst the other three are the lion, jaguar, and the tiger. FACT: A Leopards scientific name is (Pantheria pardus) A leopard has a short or long haired coat which has alight complexion.They have large black spots all over their body which are called rosettes. FACT: None of their black spots look similar, all of them have all different shapes and sizes. FACT: The leopards coat has these spots so it canhide amongst the natural surroundings of its environment.This helps with sneaking up to prey without being noticed. FACT: The leopard is able to launch 30 feet in the air with one single leap! Leopards have large muscular bodies, short powerful limbsand a long, thick tail to help keep its balance. Considering the leopard is a carnivore, they have a range of different food sources. This includes small animals with hooves,such as gazelle, impala, deer and wildebeest. DID YOU KNOW? On occasion, leopards may also hunt monkeys! FACT: Leopards oftenbring their prey up into the branches of a tree to eat it and protect it from other predators and scavengers. Leopards are found throughout most of Africa and Asia from the middle east to Korea, China, India, and Malaysia. They live in a variety of habitats, such as forests, mountains, grassland and desert land. Leopards are endangered due to captivity, hunting (their fur is very valuable to sell in the black markets), habitat loss, life-stock farmers may shoot a leopard, due to the leopard eating their life-stock. Farmers will also poison small animal carcasses which will kill any leopard that feeds on them. Some of the actions you may take into saving a leopard are -Adopt a wild animal online (in this case, a leopard). This symbolic adoption will help save real animals in the wild -Take action Visit a wildlife centre to send a message to government leaders. One place in particular is called Wildlife action centre. -Speak up for wildlife You could learn how to be a powerful advocate for wildlife -Stay informedSign up to receive instant alerts and updates about important issues affecting wildlife.-Become a defender of wildlife Did you know? Leopards dont roar as loud as lions, but they can also purr.Leopards are able to eat insects A male leopard can drag a carcass three timesits own weight. This includes small giraffes, and they are able to drag the carcass six metres up a tree.
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