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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Congress The Senate The House of Representatives In each state two people no matter the population, is in the senate. The leader of the senateis the vice president of the united states.the Vice Presidents duties, are to call on membersto speak and to introduce questions for a vote.The first senate had 26 members representing the 13 original states. The House of Representatives has 435 elected officials .States with more people living in them send more representatives. A representative must be at lease 25 years of age. Must be a U.S citizen for 7 years.All members of the house are electedin November of each even-numbered year.The house Of Representatives can impeach,or accuse a public official with a crime or misconduct. The Congress is divided into two parts: The House of Representatives and the Senate. The writers of the Constitution did not one one group of Officials to get to strong, so they made two parts to Congress An idea for a bill can come from citizens who write their senators or representatives with a suggestion, can also come from various groups,like business people, Veterans, or parents. Bills Becoming laws 1) Bill is introduced *in senate or house and given number and title*bill sent to committee 2) Bill at committee.Bill is dropped or approved. if approved, Bill is sent to subcommittee. 3) Bill at SubcommitteeDropped or approved if approved sent back to committee. 4) Bill At committee If approved, Bill is placed on senate or house calender. 5) Bill at senate or houseBill is debated in house or senate If approved, bill sent to other house of congressIf both congress approve, bill sent to the president 6) Bill with presidentpresident signs Bill or vetoes it. 7) Bill at congressIf Bill is Vetoed, Bill becomes law if passes congress by two-thirds vote. Types of Congressional Committees Standing committees : permanent Committee Subcommittees : do most of the work of theStanding Committee Joint Committees : a few committeesare made up of members of both the senate and the House. Select committees: they are set for a limited timeand handle issues of national importance. and Conference committees: settles any differences in the bill that the senate and house have. Powers of CongressMaintains government functions,Congress defends the Nation against enemies,and declare war. Congress decides on citizenship requirements for people from other countries Limits on Congress Writers of the Constitutionrestricted the power of congressCongress might pass a Bill signed into law, But If the Supreme Courtsays it doesn't follow the Constitution, it getstaken away. Congress can not make laws about education, or marriage. Elastic Clause tells the Congress that it can make all laws necessary tocarry out its duties.
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