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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 composed of 100 members composed of 435 members * Each state is allowed two Senators * Leader of Senate is the Vice President 1) Calls members to speak2) Introduces questions for voting3) Cannot vote unless a tie occurs * Next in command is the "President Pro Tempore" when the Vice Pres is absent.He/She is the member of majorityparty who has longest served Requirements 1) Must be 30 years of age2) Must be a citizen for 9 years3) Must be resident of his/her state * Serves a 6 year term * Members reflect each states population size* Each district elects own Reps* Speaker of the House servesa 2 year team elected by the Majority Party* Speaker of the House is the leader 1) Runs House business 2) Leads sessions 3) Decides who speaks4) Calls for votes5) Sees that rules are followed6) Places members of house on committees 7) He/she influences laws passed Requirements * Congress makes laws* collect taxes* maintain armed forces* regulate trade* punish certain crimes* suggest amendments * can check/investigates other branches* Can impeach or accuse a public official 1) Must be 25 years of age2) Must be a citizen for 7 years3) Must be a resident of his/her district Duties Bill becoming a Law * only congress can introduce new bills* sent to committee* Reviewed if important enoughto send to congress for debate/voting* Sent to president * President confirms, rejects, or does nothing* law after 10 days of waiting Congressional Committees 1) Standing Committees2) Sub committees3) Joint Committees4) Select Committees5) Conference Committees Powers of Congress * Raises and collects taxes* Passes laws* Watches over trade/business activities* Runs national Highways* Defends enemies/Declares wars* Establishes protective forces* Decides citizen requirements * Can decide to admit new states Limits of Congress * Supreme court must approve constitutional laws * Cannot make laws taking awaythe Bill of Rights* Cannot make election laws, education laws, and marriage laws* Cannot take money from federal Govs without a law challenges facing congress 1. Education2. Infrastructure 3. Energy4. tax reform John Barrasso1. He is age 652. Wyoming's senator since 20083. Apart of the republican partyand graduated from George Town Mike Enzi1. He is age 712. Wyoming's senator since 19973. Apart of the republican partyand graduated from University of Denver Cynthia Lummis 1. She is age 602. Wyoming's Rep since 20093. Apart of the republican party and graduated from UW
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