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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Legislative Branch A Visual of the Senate House of Representatives Two per State 100 Total 435 elected officialsAmount per state depends on State size. Head Senate: Calls on members to speak & introducesquestions for vote. Can not vote, unless a tie results. Mitch McConnell Speaker of the House John Boehner Leads sessions, decides who may speak,calls for votes, & sees that rules arefollowed. Can place members of the Houseon committees.VERY INFULENTIAL POWER! Congress Qualifications: Must be 30 years oldNine years citizenshipResident of state they rep.Six year term Qualifications: Must be 25 years oldSeven years citizenshipResident of state & districtthey rep. Two year term Duties of Congress: Make laws, also has powerto collect taxes, maintainthe armed forces, regulatetrade, punish certain crimes. Congressional Committees: Standing committee,Subcommittees, Joint committee,Select committee, & Confrencecommittee. Bill to Law Powers 1)Bill introduced2)Bill at Committee3)Bill at Subcommittee4)Bill at Senate or House5)Bill with President6)Bill at congress Limits Raise & Collect taxesto cover government expense.Keeps a flow between business& consumer. Defends the nation, can declare war.Citizenship requirments, admitsnew states to U.S. Can not make lawsthat take away fromBill of Rights.Can not make lawsabout elections,education, or marriage. Elastic Clause: Part of constitution,tells congress that itcan make laws necessary to carry out its duties.
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