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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Your situation won't change. No I am currently doing a bachelor. No No I quit my study or want to switch. I start a bachelor after september 2015. You will fall under thenew loan system. See what changesbelow. Will my situation change? Will my situation change? the basic grantwill be abolished the repaymentperiod willchange from15 to 35 years maximum loan is raised with the amount you first would have receivedas basic and supplementary grant the transport cardwill stay; you havea right to this for the nominal durationof your bachelor andmaster's + 1 year the supplementary grant is raised to 365 but the income limit has been lowered The loan system: what changes for you? The loan system: what changes for you? You probably already know there is a proposal to change the Dutch study grant system to a loan system. This proposal has already been accepted by the Second Chamber. If the First Chamberalso agrees with this, the loan system will be implemented in september 2015. But what does thisactually mean, other than the abolition of the basic grant? And how will this influence you? I am currently doing a master's or start amaster's beforeseptember 2015. You will continue to receive the basic grant for your bachelor for max. 3 years but during your master's you will fall under thenew loan systemSee what changesbelow. When you resumestudying, you willreceive the remainingmonths of basic grant.So during yourbachelor a total of 3 years and during yourmaster's a total of 1 year. If you start amaster's after this, you will fall underthe new loan system. See what changes below. What will change with the new loan system? What will change with the new loan system? START students starting theirbachelor between2015-2018 will receivea voucher of 2,000for retraining
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