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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Three Learning Types Auditory learners learn by listening. People with this learning typeoften remember what they heard or said. These learners understandspoken direction more easily than written ones. Often, they mayappear to not be paying attention, but they are still listening and understanding what they hear. Visual learners learn by looking at pictures or reading things--they rememberthings that they have seen. These learners can picture what they have learnedin their mind and understand things that they have seen. They often closetheir eyes to picture a concept in their mind. Tactile or kinetic learners learn and understand things through touch and physical movement. Often they prefer doing hands-on experiments andbetter learn things when physical movement is involved. Auditory learners best learn thingswhen they say them out loud.Flashcards work wellfor studying. Visual learners learn bestfrom looking at information.They learn best when reading from textbooksor observing flashcards. Kinetic learners often needto take frequent, short breaks while studying.Often they arrange flash cardsinto groups or trace lettersto remember things. AUDITORY VISUAL TACTILE INTROVERTS Introverts are people that work better by themselves.They prefer to work alone and work in quiet environments.Introverts would rather stay and read a book than go anddo something adventurous. However, this does not mean that there is something wrong with them. EXTROVERTS Extroverts thrive in social environments. Theywork well with other people and thrive when socializing with others. They tend to be a bitrambunctious, but they can still be very productive.
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