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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Successful learning involves use ofstrategies, which themselves arelearned How People Learn People learn what is personallymeaningful to them Learning is Developmental, Different for all, and Built People need feedback to learn Students can achieve all goals but first need to understand wherethey are starting at and how we can teach to their strengths. Differentiated content, process, product, and environmentis crucial to student success. Teachers need to personalize the curriculum in order to create positive and effective assessment of learning. Students also build on prior knowledgewhich reminds us to know our students well. The role of education is to foster success and achievement. Providing descriptive feedback allowsall students to improve on their weaknesses. Co-creatingthe learning goals, success criteria, while providingdespcriptive feedback will allow for student success. Students cannot be expect to already know how to succeed. Teachers need to foster the ability for students to develop a capacity to be independent learners and use assessmentas learning. After proper modelling, students should monitor their progress, determine next steps, and reflect on their own thinking. Making connections between curriculum and real-life. Project-based learning is powerful strategy because students move from simple knowledge to analysisand application of concepts. Powerful Learning byRonald S. Brandt, 1998. Much learning occurs through social interaction Students need to have the ability to work with others. The educationalshift towards cooperative education and project-based learning works best when it is tied to the physical changes of the classroom environment. Effective interaction amongst students will enhance the learning experienceand lend itself to global connections via social media. People learn more when they accept challenging but achievable goals There is no limit to what every student can achieve. Assessmentfor learning is crucial because students are provided with learninggoals, success criteria, and descriptive feedback. Studentexpectations should remain high because the process ismonitored and the feedback is relevant towards future success. Our ability to learn is dependent on our physical and emotional well being. Using humour in class, creating a welcoming environment, and taking the time to get to know our students willfoster effective learning. Get to know your students, be patient,and work with Safe Schools to create a positive environment. A holistic positive climate strengthens learning
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