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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Leapfrog Project Timeline Leapfrog Project Timeline Nov 8, 2013 Category 5 Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)devastatedcentral Philippines Dec 2013 ALLL initiated theLeapfrog Project Jan 2014 Launched 1stCrowdfundingInitiative atPhilippine siteSocialProject.PH Feb 2014 Crowdfundingmilestone getsfunded Mar 2014 Initial internationalcollaboratorssign MOU 2014FebMarAprMayJune Local and International media started to noticethe Leapfrog Project Jun 2014 Silent Auction benefit and Kickoff Meeting duringAIA National Convention (Chicago) Collaborators flew to Chicago and gavepublic lecture atApple Store Sept 2014 Leapfrog Projectawarded Grant byCultural Center ofthe Philippines 2014FebMarAprMayJune 2014FebMarAprMayJune 2014FebMarAprMayJune Nov 2014 On the1-yearanniversaryof TyphoonHaiyan,Leapfrog Projectteamed up withRIBA-USAand AIA to mount inauguralSymposium.The 1stLiving BallInstallationwasconstructed. Leapfrog Project is a challenge to re-invent the post-disaster paradigm, going beyond current aspirations and expectations in post-disaster rehabilitation. Entire cities + villages are still without power. The 1st Living Ball Installation was completed in the Philippines in an attempt to redirect international attention back to the region at a time when it is starting to fade from peoples minds. In 2015 we will continue to turn ideas into relevant action. 1.9 million homeless, more than 6 million displaced
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