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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CVUSD Focus Areas 2013-2014 Long-Term District Goals to enhance student learning Improve Student Learning Narrow the ELA/Math Achievement Gap Integrate Technology Instructional Improvement Strategies Master Plan forEnglish Learners TeacherCollaborationAround DATA ProfessionalDevelopment Plan Response toIntervention RTI PD DATA EL Ensure effective first instruction strategies, K-12 Develop collaborative walk-through observation process Teacher/Student tech competencies K-12 Elementary - Treasures/EDMonline resources Research and develop Master Plan Secondary - Departmental integration of CC content/literacy standards Use of digital resources to ensure masteryof instructional content Continue refining site interventionprograms School-wide use of data for K-12 progress monitoring of student achievement for all subgroups (EL/GATE/SED/SWD) Targeted Academic Language Development Strategies for all students Secondary - Universal implementation QSIS gradebook, online resources Elementary - Implement Treasures/EDM within context of CC standards Secondary - Early monitoring and intervention for success grade 6 and 9 Secondary - Use of master schedule to meet EL learner needs Use of Datawise and other software to build collaboration capacity Use of digital resources to ensure masteryof instructional content Establish and implement common norms, time and protocols for PLCs Research/develop district-wideRtI model Elementary - Fidelity to daily ELD instruction Differentiated instruction to extend learning and support for all students Elementary - Monitoring/intervention for student success and grade 6 readiness
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