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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Conejo Valley Unified School District 2013-2014 Focus Areas EL Narrow the Elementary - Implement Treasures/EDM within the context of CC standards Use of Datawiseand other softwareto build collaboration capacity Secondary - Universal implementationQSIS gradebook, online resources Elementary - Treasures/EDMonline resources Secondary - Use of master schedule to meet EL learner needs Elementary - Fidelity to daily ELD instruction Secondary - Departmental integration ofCC content/literacy standards Establish and implementcommon norms, timeand protocols for PLCsDevelop collaborativewalk-throughobservation process Elementary - Monitoring/intervention for student success and gr 6 readiness Secondary - Early monitoring and intervention for success grade 6 and 9 School-wide use of datafor K-12 progress monitoring of student achievement for all subgroups (EL/GATE/SED/SWD) Improve Student Learning in Long-Term District Goals ELA/Math Integrate Technology to Enhance Student Learning Achievement Gap RtI PD DATA ProfessionalDevelopment Plan TeacherCollaborationAround Data Instructional Improvement Strategies Response toIntervention Program Master Plan forEnglish Learners Teacher/student Tech Competencies K-12 Research and develop master plan Targeted Academic Language Development Strategies for all students Differentiated instruction to extendlearning and support for all students Ensure effective first instruction strategies, K-12 Research/develop district-wide RtI modelContinue refiningsite intervention programs Use digital resources to ensure masteryof instructional content Use digital resources to ensure masteryof instructional content
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