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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LAW Jen Kakio Queen's (or King's) Bench: Crimes for the Crown.Court of Common Pleas: Civil action of private persons.Court of Exchequer Pleas: Crown's financial interests.Palatine Courts: Offenses on Crown property. Westminster-based Courts Court of Chancery: Common law failed.Court of Star Chamber: Treason, riot, disturbing the peace.Court of Requests: Too poor for redress in Common Pleas.Court of Admiralty: Seas or other countries. Outside of London Courts of Assizes: 2x/year, travels. Felonies & capital cases.Courts of Quarter Sessions: 4x/year, Local Misdemeanors, Small crimes.Courts of Piepowders: (Small Towns) Disputes on market days.Court Baron (Rural) Transfer of landCourt Leet (Rural) Petty offenses The Church Court of High Commission: Church business and religious conformity.Courts of Ordinary: Lay offenders and accusers Shakespeare, William, Russ McDonald, and Lena Cowen Orlin. "Context: Law." The Bedford Shakespeare: Based on the New Cambridge Shakespeare Edition. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin, 2015. 669-73. Print. Broken betrothal, adultery, domestic violence, defamation, corrupt wills, and unpaid tithes. Ancient or Common-lawCourts IncestMurderTreasonCuckolding?Broken betrothal? Crimes in"Hamlet"? Punishments Page 669-73 Punishment = Pain!Either physical or mental, both
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