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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3 - Hamlet falls in love with Ophelia - Ophelia's father and brother do not approve of Hamlet and Opehlia's love. -Hamlet kills Ophelia's father "as he descends into his " dangerous melancholy" to the events following her death" "from her first crush on Hamlet and her secret marriage to him" 2 -Women are heavily dependent on the Man "Opehlia's father and brother do not see how someone like Hamlet falls in love with someone like Ophelia. They think he is just having fun with her." -The queen cannot rule without a man "The insecure state of women, who must always abide the earthly authority of men" 3 -Opehlia goes mad and kills herself Cause and Effect "Hamlet is surprised to find that his mother has remarried so quickly after his fathers death" -Hamlet learns Claudius has murdered his father "Hamlet thought he had stabbed a rat or The king, but in reality he has stabbed Polonius" - Hamlet wants to avenge his fathers death "Hamlet learns it is Claudius, his uncle who has killed his father with poison" "Hamlet feels it is his duty as a Prince, and a son to honorhis fathers death" - Hamlet begins plotting for thedeath of Claudius "Hamlet was determined to do everything he could in order to receivejustice for his fathers murder" - Hamlets desire to avenge his fathers death drives him mad "The Bereavement of Hamlet and his consequent mental agony bordering on madness" Lauren KingEnglish 4, PlunkettHamlet1-17-15
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