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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 POLITICS What is the accountability of civilian deaths by international military forces? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. There are ISAF local military andprivate contractors that are conducting military operations,but are not under the supervisionof the military leaders. Controversy in America:Police Shootings Eric Garner -Staten Island Rice -Cleveland Several countriessigned a newInternational Treaty,adopted in 2013 by theU.N., prohibiting armstransfers that would beused to commit genocide, crimesagainst humanity andwar crimes. ECONOMIC & SOCIAL Illegal supplies of arms to Cote d'Ivoirehas contributed toserious violations ofhuman rights and violent crime in the past several years International forces, however, were responsible for 5% of civilian deaths in Afghanistan during 2013. Military, Police and ArmsHuman Rights Violations Insurgents, including theTaliban, were responsiblefor more than three-quartersof civilian deaths in Afghanistan. Lauren Gallagher B1 In 2013 The U.S. ships fuel to Israel to be usedfor the war in Gaza. As evidence of warcrimes in Gaza continues, the U.S. isurged to discontinue its shipments of fuel to the Israeli Army. According to the laws of war, not every civilian death that occurs in a conflict area is a breach.But if civilians have been killed "deliberatelyor as part of a disproportionate attack, theincident requires a thorough and impartial inquiry". 1. Michael Brown -Ferguson The Philippines, despite ratifying two international anti-torturetreaties five years ago, stillemploy officers who use torturetactics. There have not been anyconvictions of officers thus far.
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