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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Laura In, "The Glass Menagerie" Laura In, "The Glass Menagerie" Miki Nguyen, Hannah Nixon,Sophia Quinton, and Mohammad Kebbi Miki Nguyen, Hannah Nixon,Sophia Quinton, and Mohammad Kebbi Williams Family Williams Family Laura and "Blue Roses" Laura and "Blue Roses" Tennessee Williams referenced the character of Laura from his shy fragile sister, Rose. Rose was diagnosed with severe depression, just as Laura was in the play hiding from reality and keeping to herself. Then Rose was diagnosed with Schizophrenia years later, and after many years of treatment, Rose was given a bilateral prefrontal lobotomy at her mothers consent, resulting in her death. Due to the fact that Tennessee never tried to stop it, he always blamed himself, as Tom did in The Glass Menagerie for setting Laura up with Jim, as well as for abandoning her with their mother at the end of the play. Defect, and Mental Health Defect, and Mental Health Lauras defect, in which we can assume she was born with, has affected her mental health,causing her severe social anxiety,which is the fear of interaction with other people that brings on self-consciousness,feelings of being negatively judged and, as a result, leads to avoidance. Her physical limp has a psychological impact on her, as she is always hyper-aware of it and feels that all of society is, as well. Laura's Escape From Reality Laura's Escape From Reality Laura is very far away from reality that she cant even see it anymore. She uses two ways to escape it. -The first one is her glass menagerie. The menagerie is her own imaginative world that she retreats to. She enjoys this a lot because it is something she can control and be safe from the world around her. While she takes care of it she also looks at something that can help her, even when she appears to be overcoming a bit of shyness with Jim, she still goes back to it because she knows she can depend on it. Her other escape is her victrola. Laura tends to use this when she is nervous and she uses it to distract her from the situation shes in. She tends to do this when she herself or someone else around is having an argument. She also turns up the music so that the world around her can be drowned out. -Her other escape is her victrola. Laura tends to use this when she is nervous and she uses it to distract her from the situation shes in. She tends to do this when she herself or someone else around is having an argument. She also turns up the music so that the world around her can be drowned out. The Candle The Candle The candles are a symbol Lauras hope. They are set up when she is having the dinner with Jim because they symbolize the hope that Laura can fit in with society. But then the dinner does not go well and Tom leaves, which gives Laura very little hope. Laura is left alone with Amanda for them to fend for themselves.So it makes the line Blow out your candles, Laura…”, even more powerful. It is her blowing away the hope she had about fitting in with society. In addition, Laura is seen as a candle (a soft, and delicate light), but she doesnt belong in a modern world lit by lightning, which is a harsh and sudden light. The nickname Jim gave to Laura back in high school when she had a huge crush on him is like the unicorn. Just as blue roses are unique, so is Laura, and just as blue roses are beautiful, so is Laura. At the beginning of Act Two, the blue roses are shown on the back screen to emphasize their significance. The name, Blue Roses has been exceedingly meaningful to Laura ever since high school because the boy she had such a big crush on acknowledged her existence. Outside of the play, Tennessee Williams sister was named Rose and the character of Laura was entirely based on her. ... Because other people are not such wonderful people. They're one hundred times one thousand. You're one times one! They walk all over the earth. You just stay here. They're common as weeds, but you - well, you're - Blue Roses!” Jim's significance towards Laura Jim's significance towards Laura Jim is more than just a character; he also becomes the symbol of hope for the Wingfield family. As a gentleman caller and hoped-for marriage partner for Laura, he represents Amandas hopes for her daughters future, which would also release Tom from some of his family responsibilities in having to materially provide for his family.Jim becomes this symbol in Toms view, because Tom, a self-confessed poet, has a weakness for symbols (scene 1). The unicorn, which is Lauras favorite glass animal represents Lauras strangeness. Like Laura, the unicorn is unique, and as Jim points out, it is extinct and lonely because it doesnt fit in with the other horses. Of course, the unicorn best represents Laura who is cripplingly shy and lonely as a result of it. When Jim dances with her despite her discomfort, he knocks over the unicorn resulting in the horn breaking off, making it look just like the other horses. Jim later kisses Laura, giving her hope to find love, but that hope immediately shatters when Jim confesses his current engagement with another woman. Laura then gives the unicorn to Jim as a souvenir because it is better suited for a normal person like him than it is for her. This is an ambiguous symbol, however, because it can either represent the new normalcy that is in Laura herself, or her acknowledgement that a drastic act- such as happened to the unicorn and herself- must be done to her in order to shatter her crippling shyness. Laura often gets indirectly compared to Amanda, since her mother often reminisces about her past and all of the gentleman callers she received. Laura receives few gentleman callers, and is socially awkward, as opposed to her mother who received many and knew how to carry a conversation. Amanda tends to talk about her past, not only because she enjoys retelling how glamorous her life was before, but also in order to encourage Laura to live a similar lifestyle (marry a good man, live off him and be a typical housewife). Laura's Contrast Toward Amanda Laura's Contrast Toward Amanda It isnt a flood, its not a tornado, Mother. Im just not popular like you were in Blue Mountain... - Laura The horn was removed to feel lessfreakish! Now he will feel more at home with the other horses, the ones that dont have horns…” - Laura The Glass Unicorn The Glass Unicorn
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