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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Latin American Revolution By Hikari & Amerlia PeninsularesPeople born in Spain Creoles Latin America born Spanishwith less power Mulattos People with mixed European and African Ancestory PeonEnslaved Africans and Indian Jose de San Martin Simon Bolivar Haiti Jose Maria Morelos Miguel Hidalgo A priest in the small village of Dolores who took the first step toward independence of Mexico. He was well educated and he led the peasants but were defeated in 1811. He is called "the Liberator". He planned to unite Spanish colonies into a single country called Gran Colombia.He suffered many defeats but took chanceand won the surprise attack in Bogota againstthe Spanish army. Haiti was the first countryto free itself from the colonial rule of France. People who stand up against their masters where led by Toussaint L'Overture, a former slave. By 1801 Toussaint freed all the slavesand his lieutenant, Jean-JacquesDossalines took up the fight and declared freedom and renamed itselffrom San Dominique to Haiti. He was born in Argentina but spent his youth in Spain. He fought against Napoleon and returnedto Latin America.He became the liberatorfor Argentina, Chile,and Peru. He led the revolution after Hidalgo but was efeated in 1815 by a Creole officer, Agustin de I turbide. Mexico's creoles feared the loss of power in the Spanish controlled colony so they proclaimed independence in 1821. Napoleon made his brother, Joseph, King of Spain. The creoles didn't want aFrenchman as their leader so they rebelled. Prince John of Portugueseescaped capture from Napoleonand started running their empirefrom Brazil, Once they returned to Portugal, King John planned to colonize Brazil again but creoles demanded independenceand in 1822 it was declared independence with Dom Pedro. Brazil Dom Pedro Toussaint L'Overture
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