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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INDEPENDENCE IN LATIN AMERICA 1801 Toussaint was able to take control in Haitiand freed all enslaved Africans from the French January 1, 1804General Dessalines declares Haiti anindependent country, the first black colonyto free itself April, 1803, Toussaint died in a prison in the French Alps. 1808Napoleon made his brother the king of Spain. Creoles didn't feel he was a real king so they started revoltingin Latin America in 1810. 1811Venezuela declared its independencefrom Spain led by Simon Bolivar, but independencewasn't official until 1821 September 16, 1810,Father Miguel Hidalgo called for revolutionin Mexico by ringing his church bellsbut he was defeated in 1811 1811Father Jose Maria Morelos took over therevolution in Mexico, but was defeated in1815. Road to Revolution: Spread of Ideas People like Simon Bolivarbrought the ideas of JohnLocke and John-JacquesRousseau to the Latin American colonies so thatpeople started to believe thatthe power should belong tothe people and not to a kingor queen or a country thatwas far away from them. Revolutions in Franceand the British colonies inthe Americas helped spread enlightenment ideas across the globe.These ideas spread throughtrade paths and from peoplemoving to and from thenew world for business. 1816Argentina independence led byJose de San Martin. 1821Mexico independence. 1822Brazil independence. 1823Gran Colombia is independent,led by Bolivar. 1823United Province of Central America. VOCABULARY Peninsulare: people who had been born in Spanish and were at the top at Spanish-American society.Creoles: people who were Spaniards but were born in Latin America.Mulatto: people who were mixed European and African born in Latin America. Important people Simon Bolivar: A venezuelan creole who was known for uniting the Spanish colonies in revolution in South America.Jose de San Martin: An Argentinian who fought with the Spanish against Napoleon and then returned to Latin America to help liberation from Spain.Miguel Hidalgo: A priest in Dolores Mexico who called for rebellion against the Spanish.Jose Maria Morelos: The leader of the Mexican rebels after Hidalgo was defeated by the Spanish Army and creoles.
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