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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Latin America- Infographic Assignment Time Period Aztecs Mayans Incas Location double click to change this header text! Government The Aztecs have one ruler that is elected by a council of nobles, priests, and military leaders. Incas built terraces intomountain sides. This allowed them to farm onmountainous lands. Theyalso made small canals called aqueducts to bring water to the terraces. The Incas had oneemperor that was also a son of their god. double click to change this header text! Rise-UnknownPeak-250 ADFall-900s AD Rise-1200s ADPeak-1300 ADFall-1521 AD Mayan farmers burned down forests and then cleared the land to farm on it Rise-1100s ADPeak-1400s ADFall-1532 AD Each Maya city had itsown ruler/god. There were also nobles that supported the ruler in many different ways. Literature/Arts/Academics Aztecs built artificialislands made of mud piled atop reed mats in shallow lakes.They were calledchinampas. Literature: Used hieroglyphics Arts: A game called Pok-a-tok where you use your feet to kick a softball sized rubber ball into a 30ft hoop. Academics: Created a 365 and 1/4 day calendar as well as invented the number zero. Literature: Used hieroglyphicsArts: Built lots of pyramidsAcademics: Priests studied math,science, and medicine. Literature: No true form of writing.Arts: Built temples, palaces, fortresses,and a royal tomb.Academics: Invented a knotted string usedto record numbers and other information. Social Organisations Mayans Incas Mayans The Aztecs were polytheistic. They were very spiritual people that sacrificed their prisoners satisfy their gods. The Incas were polytheistic.Their main god is the sun god, Inti. Mayans Aztecs Incas Incas The Mayans were polytheistic. They believed in many gods. They preformedmany sacrifices to satisfy the gods. Human Envioronment Interation Mayas Chart of Mayan, Aztec, and Incan Influence On Current Day Direction of Growth Between Civilizations Aztecs Incas Religion Aztecs Aztecs
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