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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 México: "Perfect dictatorship" PRI, 72 yearsTlatenolco's massacre: 1968MISI Crisis: 1980President Fox: First PAN Pressident, 2000Felipe Calderon: War against narcotrafic, 2006President Peña Nieto: 2012 Cuba:Fidel vs Batista: 1950Batista's takedown: 1959Broken relation with USA: 1961 *Bay of Pigs *Missile crisisSingle party governmentRelations with Venezuela: 2004President: Raúl Castro, since 2004 El Salvador:Coffee oligarchy (until 1929)Military government: (1931-1979)Soccer war 1969FMLN (Frente Farabundo Martípara la Liberación Nacional)Civil war (1979-1992) Honduras:Military ruling, Civil wars.Soccer war1980s peacePresident, Manuel Zelaya, replaced by Roberto Micheletti by USA, causing controversy in the other countriesPresident Porfirio Lobo: 2010 Nicaragua:Somoza Family Government: (1937-1979)Free Elections until 1990President Violeta Chamorro: (1990-1997) Colombia:Coffe Oligarchy1940s-60s "La Violencia"1980's CrisisLargest world drug producer FARC (Fuerzas ArmadasRevolucionarias de Colombia)President Álvaro Uribe: 2002, Strong fight against cartels and guerrillas.President Juan Manuel Santos: 2010, reelected in 2014 Panama:Nation since 1903 Building of Panama Canal USA control over Panama Canal: 1914 Panama took control in 1999 Perú:1970s: Military government1980 Civil government New problems: Guerrilla (Sendero Luminoso).1990: Alberto Fujimori: Dictator. Fought against Sendero Luminoso.2000: Fujimori out (corruption)2001: Alejandro Toledo (First indigenous president).2011-Ollanta Humala ARGENTINA- Oligarchy and armyPAST:*Perón´s Authoritarism and populism(1946)* Mothers of Plaza de Mayo(1977)*Economic crisis: Islas malvinas distraction* democracy return (1983)*DolarizationNow (2000's)- Cristina Fernandez as president (2007) and re-elcction (2011)- 2014 Economic Problems Chile:President Salvador allende: 1970Coup d Etat: 1973 Dictatorship: Augusto PinochetReferendum: Pinochet's takedown in 1989 President Michelle Bachelet: (2006-2010) President Sebastian Piñera: 2010 (corruption)Elections of 2013, President Michelle Bachelet. Brazil:- Portuguese colonization- pacific independizarion-South America´s Largest economyPAST:*Military dictatorship (1964-85), it leaved a huge external debt and an inflation of 800%*Free Elctions: Colllor Mello (corruption) Now (2000's)- Lula de Silva (2002, leftist)-Dilma Roussef (2001)-Roussef VS. Silva (2014-Roussef wins) Dominican Republic:Constant interference of the U.S. U.S. sent marines to take care of the country.President Rafael Leonidas Trujillo: 1930Murder of President Rafael: 1961 Bolivia:Economy inestability, drug production: 1980'sNeoliberalism: 1989President Evo Morales: 2005 (reelected in 2008)Poorest country in South America Venezuela:-Huge gap between rich and poor-Dependence of Oil - Cuba and Iran´s friend-Populist regime-NaziolatizationPresident: Nicolás Maduro María Inés Rivas Gastelum, A01113354José Miguel Colín Hernández, A01113620 González Mendívil, Georgina. Regional Studies. Editorial Digital del Tecnológico de Monterrey. First edition, 2011.
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