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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Use Of Rennet In Cheese Microbial coagulantsand calf rennet 30% Fermentation-Produced Chymosin Fermentation-ProducedChymosin 70% Fermentation-Produced Chymosin is a vegetarian alternative to calf rennet that takes up to 70% of today's cheese market. It features a similar structure and chemical actions as calf rennet (and is believed to be just as good), but is vegetarian-friendly. This means that it allowsmore people to enjoy foods like McDonald's burgers or Domino's Pizzas (which are often eaten together - with friends during a football game or something of the sort), even though they may be vegetarian. Calf Rennet Calf rennet was once very popular, but now only takes up 5% of the cheese market. This is expected to be because calf rennet is only suitable for vegetarians, and could prevent interaction between vegetarians and non-vegetarians in some situations. For example,if someone likes to eat at a restaurant that only uses animal rennet,their vegetarian friends wouldn't go and meet them because there wouldn't be anything for them there. Unlike FPC, animal rennet is now hardly used to produce cheese. This may be due to laws that country have put in place (the production of animal rennet involves the killing of extremely young calves), but is probably because it is not suitable for vegetarians. While it is unlikely that the vegetarians take up to most of the world, it can prevent things like social gatherings between friends. For example, if a restaurant uses animal rennet, vegetarians would not want to meet theirfriends there as no cheesy foods would be available for them at the specific restaurant.Animal rennet is taken from the fourth stomach of extremely young calves - this is done because they feature more milk than adults - considering that milk would still be their main food source.
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