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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Navigation Acts. It started in 1651 Why??? So that wealth would increase by keepingthe trade under control. Where??? The British Colonies, orin other words the NorthAmerican Colonies. Who was impacted??? Everyone who lived in the British colonieswas impacted because it was a control on tradein which everyone helpedwith. Impact of the Molasses Act??? They had a negative impacton the people because Molasses became really expensive. The positive effects was smuggling had decreased in the New England colony, protecting the sugar in the 13 colonies. Why did the Navigation Acts effect the Northern Colonies more??? Because they were the ones paying for the consequences.They were told to stop trading with France and the Netherlands What made this Acts so unique?? Because there was so many series and steps to complete this act. What did Britain think of this??? They pretty much had to fight for trade with America until the Navigation law was passed and Dutch shipping was restricted and the Dutch was Britains biggestcompetetor. What the colonist thought of this?? They were helping fund moneyfor the British which did notbenifit the people of the 13 colonies in any way shape or form......They had to pay for the things that grewmore and more e The Navigation Acts mostly had to do with trading. Anything that was sent out or traded had a fee which was the tax on an object or objects. All the money thatwas earned from the even went to the British Kingdomsbecause they thought that they were the government forthe 13 colonies.
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