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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark What is the Louisiana Purchase? Lewis and Clark How did it all start? Reasoning Meriwether Lewis What did they do? Sacagawea -- How was she helpful? - Jefferson's reason that he could avoid war by offering tobuy New Orleans from the French - Meriwether Lewis was a Captain of the U.S. Army and William Clark was his close friend which was Second Lieutenant - At about 828,000 square miles, the Louisiana territory nearly doubled the size of the United States.- For all of this, the United State paid only about $15 million. - Without the army to occupy Louisiana, and needing money to fight British, Napoleon decided to sell all of the Louisiana Territory - Lewis and Clark were chosen because Lewis was Jeffersonn personal secretary. They were also picked because they were in the U.S. Army. - Jefferson wanted to have more land and so he wanted to the United States to expand to the pacific - despite the fact that much of the content was already inhabited by Native Americans and European colonist - She was a French Canadian fur trader. She came across Lewis and while they were on the mission. - After spending so much time getting ready to go on the mission then finally went off in 1804. - The Louisiana Purchase of 1803, Jefferson obtained a vast territory extending from the Mississippi river to the rocky mountains Land and price Romina Fleitas December 17, 2014 - U.S. acquisition of the Louisiana territory from France in 1804 for $15 million. - The Purchase secured American control of the Mississippi river and doubled the size of the nation. - In 1804, Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the new territory, in what became known as the Lewis and Clark Expedtion Thomas Jefferson Map before the Purchase Map after the Purchase William Clark - She was helpful because she was sold to Charbonneau and he was hired for his skills as an interpreter, but they felt that her presenceon the trip would assure many of the Native American tribes they encounted that they were a peaceful group, not a war party. - As explorers crossed the great plains, they saw wide variety of plants and animals never seen by Europeans. Why did Jefferson pick them?
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