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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Network Users Policy Laptop Rules The College has given you a internet connection that will give you the opportunity to connect with others. 1. The most important rule is treat each other as you wish to be treated online and in real life 2. If you are not a confident person don't insult someone online. It is something you would never do to their face so don't do it online 3. Respect other peoples privacy and don't invade their personal space. Also remember to Respect your own privacy space like when you are giving away your hone number to someone you don't know. Even when someone sends something to you if you make a comment they wont like that comment will basicallybe online forever. 4. Don't post offensive words and material to people. 5. If you are communicating it should only be about work or school. 6. Spelling and grammar should be in proper English. 7. Always refer to the acceptable use agreement. 8. Use a clear and understandable email subject line. 9. Don't forward private messages to people. 10. If you are posting something online, know your topic. 11. Use capital letters and bolding appropriately. 12. If you are upset or frustrated, keep this out of your communications. 13. Be careful of your use of humor and sarcasm. 14. Harassment and other offensive behavior will not be tolerated. 15. Keep evidence of abuse or bullying. 16. Listen to copyrights and intellectual property. 17. Be clear about how to submit your work. 18. Be aware of the rules of the forum youre in. Followthe rules and and you will have a good time. Zachary Zakanj
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