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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LA PLAZA MAYOR We're is la plaza mayor located/built La plaza mayor is located in salaman, españa. La plaza mayor was built in 1759. It took 27 years to fully build la plaza mayor. (Year they started to build la plaza mayor 1729-1759) la plaza mayor is built with rock of villa mayor. Things in La Plaza Mayor In la plaza mayor there is ice cream shops candy/chocolate, jewelry stores and restaurants to eat at. The model showing the two towers never completed. In 1988 UNESCO declared the old city of Salamanca a world heritage site. Today, there is a plaque placed in the center of the plaza marking its significance. To boast the plazas baroque-style beauty. Salamanca is known as (la dorada) , " the golden city" because of the glow of its sand stone building's, witch La Plaza Mayor represents at its core. The plaque of La Plaza Mayor La Plaza is an irregular square and none of its facade measure the same length and height. La plazas walls have three floors above its ground terrace level except for the main facade plazas streets are from opposite areas of la plaza and features a clock tower, and five large facade on only two floors. How its shaped Because eating is an important aspect of Spanish culture, restaurants and cafes are prevalent in the Plaza Mayor. Places where someone can get a full meal stand beside simple ice cream windows. Also, in the evenings, musical groups, called "Tunas," play in the outside seating areas of the restaurants. On certain evenings, there can be up to three different groups playing on three sides of the Plaza. Not only do the restaurant patrons enjoy the music, but those passing by often stop and gather to enjoy the festivities. Food The entrance Café Novelety, founded in 1905, from La plaza mayor. Plaque in the center of the plaza, which says Twentieth anniversary [of] Salamanca patrimony of humanity 1988-2008.
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