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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lantern Festival Karina & Nina ADDING Origin Legends 6th Century and Past Love PLAIN FILL MEIN WITH INTERESTINGCOPY FULL STARTHERE -young were chaperoned in the streets-matchmakers acted busily pairing couples-brightest lanterns were symbolic of good luck and hope -Emperor Yangdi: invited envoys to festival-Tang Dynasty: lantern displays lasted 3 days and curfew lifted-Song Dynasty: 5 day festival-Emperor Chengzu: 15th century -longest festival ever -lasted 10 days -downtown was set aside for displaying lanterns -most likely is the celebration of the end of winter-Time to worship Taiyi (god of Heaven) -had 16 dragons at his beck and call -decided when to inflict drought, storms or famine -festival was to ask for favorable weather and good health-Wudi of the Han dynasty -proclaimed it to be one of the most important celebrations-ancient warrior named Lan Moon -rebelled against the tyrannical king -killed in the storming of the city -successful rebels commemorated the festival to him General Facts -15th day of the first month in thelunar calendar-children go to temples carrying paper lanterns and solve riddles-in ancient times, lanterns were simple for regular people -emperor and nobleman had large, ornate ones-symbolize people letting go of their past selves and embracing the new-almost always red for good fortune Yuanxiao -dumpling ball made of sticky rice flour stuffed with different fillings-methods differ by region for making it-round shape: means reunion, harmony and happiness
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