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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Language and Cultural Barriers Knowing your foreign business partners. - Research their language and culture in order to get a better understanding of it.- Getting acquainted with the culture and having realistic expectations helps with suffering less frustrations during trips to a foreign country.- Learn the hierarchy, modes of communication, and how their legal systems work.- Practice not only the language, but also the culture and proper etiquette. Prior to the Meeting... During the Meeting... - A good language interpreter helps with communication, but not in creating a bond with your business partner.- Appearance, personality, and body language all have an effect on your first impression.- Humor and having a good pace for building trust helps in getting acquainted.- Keep consistency with projects in order to achieve better results and gain more trust. The Pros of learning a new Language and Culture. - Interacting with other foreign business opens up to more business opportunities.- It is necessary in this big and expanding business world we live in.- Creates a longer reach of your business' influence. Reviewing what you learned. - Remember the proper way of showing respect (such as the proper etiquette of Chinese business cards.)- Books about other cultures and etiquette are helpful in going over what needs to be learned.- Practice the linguistics and etiquette with a person who is native to that culture.
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