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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What to Expect From Your 2 Year Old Physically Mentally Boys Language Girls Enjoys listening to stories. Can balance on one foot for one second. Can solve simple problems bytrial and error. Asks and answers, "What's that?" questions. Speaks with a loud voicewith changes in pitch. 50-75% of speech is able tobe understood by strangers Repeats words or sentencesoverheard in conversation Can say between 50-200 words butunderstands over 300 words. Loves to explore by running,walking, jumping, crawling, rolling, and climbing. Can stack a tower of four or more blocks. Can follow two stepdirections. Can throw, roll, and kick a ball, but have difficulty catching. Enjoys playing with pull toys. Can sit independently in achild size chair. Can walk up and down stairs. Enjoys pretending while playing. What's the big deal? Scribbles in circles. Numerically, understands none, all, one and two. Brain development from birth to 3 yearsold is the most significant period ofdevelopment the brain will ever undergo. 90-95% of the brain's capacityis developed by 3 years old. Girls express theiremotions more than boys. Speech has multiple grammatical errors. Knows what to do withcommon objects such as a fork, spoon, or brush. Can recognize different feelingsand emotions in themselves andothers but cannot always control their emotions. Is curious about everything. Understands directional wordssuch as on, under, and inside. Girls tend to use both sides ofthe brain when completing atask. Boys are about 2 months ahead of girls when figuringout the laws of motion andmeeting other physicalmilestones. Can sort colors and shapes. Boys prefer looking atgroups of faces ratherthan individuals. Boys prefer watchingand being a part of mechanical action vs.human interaction. Girls' brains have moreneural connections thanboys, making them morewired to put feelings intowords sooner. Girls' brains are 6-10%smaller than boys'. Girls are better self soothersthan boys. Boys express fear laterthan girls and less often.
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