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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nixon v.U.S.- Year of Case: 1974Chief of Justice: Warren E. BurgerConstitutional Question: Is the President's rightto safeguard certain information, using his "executiveprivilege" confidentiality power,immune from judicial review? Holding/Ruling/Decision: 8-0 votes in favor to the United states Marbury v. Madison-Year of Case: 1803Chief of Justice: John MarshallConstitutional Question: Is Marbury's lawsuitthe correct way to get his appointment and, isthe Supreme Court the place for him to get therelief he requests?Holding/Ruling/Decision: 4-0 votes in favor ofMadison Munn v. Illinois-Year of Case: 1877Chief of Justice: Morrison WaiteConstitutional Question:Did the state-imposedrates deny the warehouse and elevator ownersequal protection and due process under the 14thAmendment?Holding/Ruling/Decision: 7-2 votes in favor ofIllinois Cases Who Made Their Way to the Supreme Court! Cases Who Made Their Way to the Supreme Court! Gibbons v. Ogden-Year of Case: 1824Chief of Justice:John MarshallConstitutional Question:Did theState of New York exerciseauthority in a realm reservedexclusively to Congress, likethe regulation of interstate commerce?Holding/Ruling/Decision: 6-0 votes infavor of Gibbons Clinton v.New York-Year of Case: 1998Chief of Justice: William RehnquistConstitutional Question:Did the President's ability tocancel portions of bills, under the Line Item Veto Act,violate the Presentment Clause of Article I? Holding/Ruling/Decision: 6-3 votes in favor of New York Brief Facts: Occurred in the midst of theNixon Watergate scandalProsecutor assigned to case hadsubpoenaed the Presidentsrecordings of his office visits/conversations/phone conversationsAttorney for the President argued that tapes shouldn't besubpoenaed,they were granted executive privilege. Presidents attorney argued that the issue wasn't a matter for the Supreme Court because it was a disputewithin the executive branch Brief Facts: William Marbury, an end-of-term appointee of President John Adams to a justice of the peace position in the District of Columbia, brought suit againstPresident Thomas Jeffersons Secretaryof State, James Madison, seeking deliveryof his commission. Brief Facts: Munn, a partner in aChicago warehouse firm,had been found guilty by anIllinois court of violating thestate laws providing for thefixing of maximum chargesfor storage of grain.He appealed,contending that the fixing ofmaximum rates constituted a takingof property without due process of law. Brief Facts:In what became known as the "Pentagon Papers Case," The NixonAdministration attempted to prevent theNew York Times and Washington Postfrom publishing materials belonging to aclassified Defense Department studyregarding the history of United Statesactivities in Vietnam. The Presidentargued that prior restraint was necessaryto protect national security. Brief Facts:Ogden was given an exclusivelicense,pursuant to a New York statute,to run a ferry between New Yorkand New Jersey. Gibbons obtained alicense, pursuant to federal law,to run a ferry in New York waters,thus, running in interferencewith Ogdens license. Ogdensought an injunction againstGibbons.
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