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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Land Use Planning | Basics What is land use planning? Land use planning is the process of establishing the basic type of uses on land within the boundaries of acommunity. It uses a systematicapproach that looks at physical, social, and economic factors in order to ensure responsible and healthy growth in a community. Land use planning also seeks to mitigate future land use conflicts by preparing for new development. Land use planning helps a community set goals regardinghow it will grow and develop in the future. Whether acommunity wishes to preserve natural features by designating ample park/green space or to promote a dense downtown core by designating a mix of residentialand commercial uses along a main corridor, responsible land use planning can guide efficient growth and development while balancing the interests of individual property ownersand the wider goals of the community as a whole. How does land use planning differ from zoning? The term "land use planning" is often used interchangeably with "zoning regulation", a common misunderstanding considering their similarities. The purpose of land use planningis to provide the Plan Commission and Common Council the opportunity to look beyond the"nuts and bolts", day-to-day zoning issues. Whilezoning ordinances are regulatory and apply to specific parcels, land use planning is a "big picture" tool and serves as a general guide that reflects the way planners, politicians, and the public would like to see the community grow. Why is responsible land use planning important? A typical land use map with broad categories that help the community visualize how it will grow and developwithout getting too specific
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