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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Land Use Planning | Basics (cont'd) What is a comprehensive plan? A comprehensive plan is the official statement of local governmentpolicy regarding the physical development of a community. In Wisconsin, communities with zoning are required by state statute to implement a comprehensive plan containing nine elementsincluding functions such as housing, transportation, utilities and land use.The plan must be based on a twenty-year time horizon and requiresan update every ten years to ensure new factors and changes areaccounted for. How is the comprehensive plan relatedto land use planning? "Land use" is one of the nine elements required by Wisconsin state statute to be included in a municipality'scomprehensive plan. The "land use" section provides a vision,illustrated using a future land use map, of how a municipality wants to grow and develop in the future. Planners consultthe comprehensive plan for all land use decisions to ensurethe change is consistent with goals set in the plan. In Wisconsin, the comprehensive planning law requires that any municipality establishing or amending zoning, subdivision, or shoreland/wetland ordinances do so in a manner consistent with the adopted comprehensive plan. This does not mean that zoning ordinance and the plan must be exactly the same. Instead, "consistency" implies that any new ordinance or amendment must further the objectives and policies laid out in the comprehensive plan. Do all land use decisions need to consistent with the comprehensive plan?
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