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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Respond as quickly as possible. Studies have shown that if you respond within 48 hours, your sales closing rate goes up dramatically. Think about your own experiences. How manytimes have you tried to contact a company to request information and theynever got back to you. Ask necessary questions that will help you understand the needs better. Prioritize your leads Not all leads are created equal. Some adopters are making small purchases, and other have bigger budgets. Make sure you show your time and attentionto the ones that matter but remember that every lead can turn to opportunitylater That is why it is important to nurture your leads Keep in touch with leads that are not ready to adopt. Over time you can develop a relationship with these leads that can turn to sales. Don't forget them and mailwith (not too frequently) relevant information like new editions, books going out of print, interesting news. Don't forget about your current customers. They too will benefit from relevant information.If they are happy with your product and service they might tell other teachers who are notyour adopters. Capture all relevantlead information from inbound calls and mails. Store for later! If you can don't use your inbox. Inboxes are very limiting in tracking information. An inbox is not easily shared and not convenient way to collaborate. And once the email is out of sight,the lead is out of your mind. Lost leads are lost sales! We miss you! Allways follow up Record your actions Record the contact with your lead for future. This way you don't have to ask the same questions when they contact you again. Also you can use your previous content toWake up your dormant leads. "While back you asked if we have some new business courses. Now we have a new edition of Market Leader coming out :-)" Don't let yourself be an easily forgotten first date! Teachers are very busy and they might simply not remember contacting you. Follow up the samples you sent, ask their opinion, inform about relevant updates. Do what you canto gently turn it into the second date or, even better, RELATIONSHIP
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