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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Lady or the Tiger? By Frank R. Stockton The tone of this story that the author gives off is forbidding and harsh. Throughout the story, the author has a grim and depressing writing style. Tone "This merciless king had a beautiful daughter - but she was as arrogant and proud as her father." This shows that the princess, even though she's in love, isas selfish as her father. "When a subject was accused of a crime, public notice was given that on an appointed day the fate of the accused would be determined in the king's arena." "It was of no consequence that he might already be wed. The king permitted no such arrangements to interfere with his magnificent plan of punishment and reward." "Often she cried out as she imagined her lover opening the door to meet the cruel fangs of the tiger! But how much oftener she imagined him opening the other door. Oh, how it pained her when she saw his look of delight as he met the lady!" "So, fair reader, which came out of the opened door - the lady or the tiger!" Mood While reading this, I felt tense. I wanted to know what was going to happen immediately, so you can imagine how I felt at the end of the story. I was also upset with how the king punished the people. Plot Exposition Rising action Climax Falling action Resolution The story starts off by telling the reader how the king punishes the people whoare accused of commiting a crime. The king's daughter fell in love with her father's servant. The king ended up finding out about it and he wasn't too pleased. The king throws the servant in jail and later on throws him in the ring to choose a door. There is no resolution. We never find out if the princess sent him to the door with the tiger behind it or the door with the girl that he would have to wed. The princess finds out the trick as to who or what is behind each door. She sends the love of her to choose the right door. Conflict The conflict of the story is man verses self. I believe this is the conflict because the princess is battling on which door to send her love to. She get jealous just thinking of the servant with another women, yet she gets depressed when thinking of seeing him ripped to shreds by the tiger. Theme The theme for this story is the great battle. I chose this because I believe the princess is battling with evil spark in her, which she gets from her father. She'd be jealous of the girl who gets to wed her love, but heartbroken over the facts that the servant is dead. By Kiah Trago
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