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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mood Rising Action Falling Action Theme Comparison Tone The Lady or The Tiger? Frank Stockton Exposition Exposition Climax Tone- AngryEx.: "who, every barleycorn a king, knew notradition""savage and relentless beasts""that awful tiger""What a terrible thing for him to be there.""those shrieks" My mood from reading was a sympatheticmood towards all of the "criminals".The "criminals" had a 50/50 chance of surviving.They didn't actually get proven guilty or innocent.It was more of a "luck of the draw" scenario. YetI felt angry at the king. I felt just as the criminals did. The theme to this story is 'Capriciousness of Fate'.This would be the theme for Harrison Bergeron also because Harrison was doing good then he was killed, andin the Lady or the Tiger the boy and the daughter of the semi-barbaric king were in a relationship and very happy.Then they had to choose the boy's fate. In the exposition the story basicallygives a backgroundon how people whoare accused of crimes get provenguilty or innocent by choosing a door witheither a tiger, or a lady behind it. Also, itwas describing the king and how he had a daughter. The events that took place in the rising action includedThe king finding out about his daughter being in a relationship with another boy, and him setting adate for which he would choose his fate. The date was upon them and thedaughter entered the arenaand chose the door on the right andhe went in without hesitation. The story really ended at the climax and it didn't really have a real falling action or resolution.The author made the story so that the reader makes the ending him/herself. The story makes youchoose, and your choice of what she directed him to shows how you view love.
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