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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Info Florida Natural Resources rule! Like trees are a Natural Resource! Did Spain bring down the U.S.S. Maine? In fact, no one actually knows if it was Spain. Judcial Legislative Executive It is headed by the Supreme Court. Its powers include interpreting the constitution. Headed by Congress, which includes the House of Representatives and the senate. The president carries out federal laws and recommends new laws, directs national defense. Natural Resources! Trees are natural resources too! Its a MYSTERY! FL Space Program! The Florida Space Program sent many people to space and it was successful! Famous Florida People 1. Henry Flagler2. Henry Ford3. Thomas Edison The Fl tribes Slavery Martin came Civil Rights Movment The Civil War Florida set Cubafree from slavery. Spanish American War Juan Ponce Deleon, wanted to find gold and treasure. Spanish Rule They now have signs named afterexplorers they have streets also named after the Spanish legacy. Explorers Hernando De Sota, wanted to conquer any rich civilization. Florida railway boom! Henry Flagler's railroad connected Southeast Florida to New York which cause other railroad to be built. 3 Florida Native Tribes 1. Apalachee tribe: they ate berries, squash, and beans.2. Calusa tribe: they lived in Florida's Southwest coast and ate seafood.3. Timacua tribe: were an American Indian tribe who lived in Northeast and North Central Florida FL's Role in the Civil Rights Movement! Blacks and whites were not united until Martin Luther King Jr. came and spoke his dream. Local and State Government State government refers to the government offices while Local government refers to governments that cover small authority to inform the laws. Civic duties to Florida Civic duties are important to Florida because almost 50 endangered species live in Florida. We can't kill them. European Colonization It started wars and caused hatred in the tribes. How Fl Makes Money 1. Famous Theme Parks2. Famous Cities 3. Famous Buildings4. Famous Beaches5. Famous Parks State Constitution Rules 1. Don't kill endangered animals2. Taking care of the environment 3. Do all your duties as a U.S. citizen Pioneer Life 1. They have to build their houses.2. They travel by foot or cattle or horse.3. They hunt and grow food. Seminole War It caused a war in the Philippines.It caused many people to die. Civil War and Reconstruction Florida supported the Southin the Civil War and inthe era Reconstruction.
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