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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Supporting Your Laboring Partner Communicate Before Educate Yourself Be Prepared Know Your Limits Advocate Surprises Happen Have a conversation with your partner during pregnancy to see what she desires, expects, needs, wants from you as her support. Plan together and be prepared to fill those shoes! Get some books on labor support, contact a doula, attend childbirth education, ask some close friends... Knowing the ins and outs of labor, what to expect, what is normal, will all help alleviate your fears and allow you to adequately support your partner. Labor support is hard work. Be prepared to provide physical support such as back rubs or counter pressure. Be ready to be up and with your partner throughout labor. Be sure to encourage her to rest when she can. Be prepared to take charge when you need to, and to wait... Patience is vital in labor. With so much happening in the moment of birth, it is important to know ahead of time what you are willing, comfortable, and able to do during the process and what you are more comfortable leaving to the birth team. It is your biggest job to advocate for your partner when she is not able to for herself. Knowing the birth plan ahead of time, discussing all possibilities is a must. Be ready to step up to the plate and make decisions if the situation arises. There are no guarantees in labor or birth. Even if previous births went one way, every labor is different. Face this labor with a clean slate, no expectations, and be ready for surprises.
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