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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By the numbers TOTAL 814 million 1.3 billion Impressions garnered by the #GetCovered campaign. Impressions garneredJoin theMillionstelevisionand radiocampaign. 15.9 million Text messages sentby to interestedconsumers WEEK 13 Nov 15-Feb 15 Feb 7-Feb 15 8,797,577 Plan selections 12,178,433 Applications submitted 32,516,835 1,297,733 users CuidadoDeSalud.govusers 9,231,474 Window shoppingHealthCare.govusers 14,406,068 1,048,202 Plan selections 1,533,031 Applications submitted 6,152,404 users 226,995 CuidadoDeSalud.govusers 1,194,706 Window shoppingHealthCare.govusers Call center volume Average call center waittime 1,380,736 1 min 22 sec Average call center waittime (Spanish) 2,282,380 Call center volume Average call center waittime 22 min 41 sec 8 min 16 sec 274,588 Calls in Spanish Average call center waittime (Spanish) 6 min 21 sec OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR HEALTH INSURANCE Calls in Spanish 11,4 million Selected Marketplace plans or were automatically re-enrolled 8.6 million 2,8 million in the 37 states that use the platform in the State-based Marketplaces 471,930 in Pennsylvania 248,265 192,481 78,840 Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington New York-Newark-Jersey City Pittsburgh 30,298 Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Data: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 200,000 individuals (point-in-time estimates) who had 2014 coverage cannot continue Marketplace coverage in 2015 because they did not provide the necessary documentation of their citizenship or immigration status, these individuals are still included in the cumulative total reported, but they will be removed in future reports after their coverage ends on February 28.
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