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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Homelessness in the Lower Rio Grande Valley Keep Texas Housed According to the 2014 Point-In-Time(PIT) count, Cameron County accounted for people experiencing homelessness. 363 However, these numbers do not fully convey the reality for many individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the LRGV. For more information about low income families living in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and Keep Texas Housed, please visit When a family member is confronted with homelessness, Valley relatives often provideshelter to these individuals. In the Lower Rio Grande Valley,the familial unit is central to community identity. Because of this fact,doubling up is extremelypervasive, and it is very rare for individuals to sleep on the street. Studying the Texas Homeless Education Office's (THEO) records regarding the number of doubled up children enrolled in Cameron and Hidalgo counties' public school system provides insight into the extent of this phenomenon. 72% About of the totalnumber of studentsexperiencing homelessnessin Cameron County wereidentified as doubled up. About of the totalnumber of studentsexperiencing homelessnessin Hidalgo County were classified as doubled up. 79% 943 Between the Brownsvilleand Harlingen Independent School Districts,students were classified as doubled up. In Hidalgo county, there are just understudents identified as doubled up. 175 Because of the cultural makeup, tends to differently in this area than in other parts of . Valley's homelessness Texas function With such a great numberof doubled up families, understanding localhomelessness can be diffficult.
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