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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LOYALTY "...We can't have everybody talking at the same time. We'll have to have 'Hands up' like at school"(Golding 33). Loyalty to the survival and cooperation of everyone. "What about my hunters" (Golding 125). Jack is loyal to his own group of people as well. He just doesn't show it very well. "They've got our fire"(Golding 169). This is a little ironic, because Jack stole Ralph's fire. He goes from being on Ralph's side at the beginning of the story to betraying him towards the end. "I'm chief then" (Golding 23). Piggy showed that he clearly wanted Ralph to be chief and was reluctant to vote for Jack. "...So we must take smoke to the top of the mountain. We must make a fire" (Golding 38). Ralph is committed/loyal to the survival of everyone and will do whatever it takes. "We can do without Jack Merridew. There's others besides him on the island" (Golding 128). Piggy is defiantly the most loyally at of all the characters. He cares ab out everyones well being. "My auntie wouldn't let me blow on account of my asthma"(Golding 16). Even though Piggy is not with his aunt, he still listens to her. Loyalty was not the most stressed or talked about reading focus in Lord of the Flies. Despite that there were some good signs of it throughout the story. "You told 'em. After what I said" (Golding 25). Somehow Piggy was still loyal to Ralph even though Ralph betrayed Piggy by telling his embarrassing secret. "That's right. Keep Piggy out of danger"(Golding 101). Ralph is showing that he cares about Piggy and cares enough to protect him. "Sucks to your ass-mar"(Golding 162). Piggy is sacrificing his health in order to get more wood for the the fire, which is an aid to everyone's survival.
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