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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lord of the Flies: Social Setting 1. "My auntie told me not to run, he explained," on account of my asthma." "Ass-mar?" "That's right. Can't catch my breath. I was the only boy in our school who had asthma," said the fat boy with a touch of pride. "And I've been wearing specs since I was three." (9) As this character explains himself, we see the physical characteristics like his fatness but also his health characteristics shown by his asthma. This part of his health shows the reader that he will no be ableto complete tasks as well as the other boys on the island, and will prevent him from participatingin some of the activities they participate in as well. 2. "They're hopeless. The older ones aren't much better. D'you see? All day I've been working with Simon. No one else. They're off bathing, or eating, or playing." (50, Ralph) By comparing the older children to the younger, it shows a form of discrimination in a way. The younger ones are discriminated, and are not included in the activites of the older children. 3. "They obeyed the summons of the conch, partlybecause Ralph blew it, and he was big enough to be a link with the adult world of authority;..." (59) As also mentoned the children look up o their elders as their parent figures. One main one, is Ralph. In his case, the conch gives him partial of his power, while is role as the leader gives the other. 4. So remember. The rocks for a lavorty. Keep the fire going and smoke showing as a signal. Don't take fire from the mountain. Take your food up there." (81) All of these mentioned above, are the rules that are needing to be reestablished. This processof reintroducing the rules, creates this orderonce again. These rules are a part of socialsetting that creates the overall picture. 5."We can't leave the littluns alone with Piggy. Not all night." (117) This quote serves as another example to the no trust in Piggy, and how even though he is left out, they will still not let him take part in one of their activites; in this case watching the little children. 6. "I'm not going to be in Ralph's lot-" He looked along the right-hand logs, numbering the hunters that had been a choir. "I'm going off by myself..." (127, Jack) As mentioned, new groups are being formed.The instance that started it all was thisStatement made by Jack. He got angry and upset by the way that Ralph was ruling, so he decided to go and make his own andbe his own chief. 7. "Jack was standing before a small group of boys...We'll hunt. I'll be chief...We're going to forget the beast." (133, Jack) These new rules or standards are what Jack is declaring to his group that needed to be made.These rules are what Jack wanted to take place in Ralph's ruling, but since they were not what he wanted he decided to establish these in his own group. From start to finish, the characters in Lord of the Flies demonstrate through out their actions, words, and thoughts, how you are effected socially in an all boy society with no adults. Your physical appearance and ability, ability to follow orders, and age contribute to your social outcome and placing on their social ranking and which group you belong in as well. 8. "Piggy once more was the center of socai derision so that everyone felt cheerful and normal." (149) Before this quote, Piggy was bumped and burnt by piece of hot meat. Because of his reaction of this yelling and dancing around, it brought th awkwardness of their entrance back to normal. This state of normality is one aspect of social setting that has not been mentioned yet because nothing that has occurred has been considered normal. 9. "The four biguns crept into the shelter and burrowed under the leaves. The twins lay together and Ralph and Piggy at the other end." This allows the reader to know that even though Jack and the rest are against everyone, that Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric, are all still together and have eachothers back. In the case of the attack, Ralph and Eric were agressive back towards them while Piggy was having an asthma attack. 10. Who's boss here?" "I am," said Ralph loudly. (200, Ralph) By this statement, it shows that even though Jack has taken over, controlling everyone, that Ralph still offically is the cheif on the island. He was the one that started everythng, found the conch, made shelter, and the fire that got them rescued. The officer in this case shows another part of the social setting, the war going on and the first adult inthe book. These aspects are both important because theabsence of adults is now shown at the end of the book, and the war allows us to see the time period, and the jobs, and classes back home well. Source: By: Claudia Bradford Block: 2
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