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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Religious References The Ultimate Battle Between Good and Evil The Good The Bad The Evil All of the religious references in this book have to do with thestruggle between good and evil. Simon who represents Jesusand Roger who represents the devil are the two main characters involved in my focus, but Jack also appears on the evil side. Simon's omniscient nature is one of his keyJesus like features, and Roger's tendency to be sadistic playsinto his role as the devil. Simon Jack Roger "Here the littluns...caught up with him. They talked, cried out...lugged him toward the trees...Simon found for them the fruit they could not reach, pulled off the choicest from up in thefoliage, passed them back down tothe endless, outstretched hands" (56). This shows us Simon's care and compassionfor others. It showshis love and carejust like Jesus cared for hisdisciples. "Passions beatabout Simon onthe mountaintop with awful wings" (71). While reading this, you get an image of Simon as an angel.He has just gotten Piggy'sspecs for him, and you reallysee the grace and kindness heshows, giving the angel looksome personality to go with it. "You'll get back to where you comefrom...You'll get backall right. At least I think so...I just think you'll get backall right" (111). Here we see an occurrence of Simon's omniscient nature.Somehow, beyond all reason, he knows that Ralph willmake it home. He is so confident, despite the fact thatit is impossible to know that for certain...unless of course,you're the embodiment of Jesus. "When we kill we'll leave some ofthe kill for it" (133). Jack says this in reference to the beast, and although it isn't Here, we see Jack againthinking of thebeast with a sort of fearand admiration.We see himtreating the beastof something of theologythe study ofreligion.This just reallyinstitutes the paganworship as a solid idea Here, we see Jack againthinking of thebeast with a sort of fearand admiration.We see himtreating the beastof something of theology-the study ofreligion.This just reallyinstitutes the paganworship as a solid idea "'I expect thebeast disguised itself?'[one of the savagesasked Jack] 'Perhaps,'said the chief.A theological speculation presented itself. 'We better keep on the right side of him anyhow" (161). "You're a beastand a swine [Jack]"(179). a reference to the Christian religion, thisquote is describing a sort of pagan practice in which the head of a sacrificedpig is used to appease the angry god-thebeast Here see that Jack isthe beast. As Simon predicted,the beast is a human, just not thehuman he thought. It wasn't the crashed fighter pilot, it was Jack.He embodies the bad in humanity. "Roger ran around the heap, prodding with his spearwhenever pig flesh appeared. Roger found alodgment for his pointand began to push untilhe was leaning with all his weight" (135). This is when we first get a glimpseof how awful Roger is. We see his evilshining through just in two sentences.This is where we first see that Rogerrepresents the evil on this island "Roger became the pig,grunting and charging at Jack" This is Golding literally telling us thatRoger is the devil. Lord of the Fliestranslates into Beelzebub, which thenloosely translates into the devil or ademon who was in the highest ranksof hell. In the book, the Lord of theFlies is the pig, and in this quote, Rogerbecomes the pig. (151). "The chief snatched...[a] spear and pokedSam in the ribs. 'That's not the way'[said Roger]. Theyelling ceased, andSamneric werelooking up in quietterror. Roger advancedupon them as one wielding a namelessauthority" (182). Here is just another example of howRoger likes to hurt people.He corrected someone he respects because he wasn'ttorturing a boy well enough.This shows his relation to evilwhich shows his relation to theLOTF and the devil. "Now [the transparencies that are turning things to silver]touched the first of the stains that seeped from the broken bodyand the creatures made a moving patch of light as they gatheredat the edge. The water rose farther and dressed Simon's coursehair with brightness...and the line of his cheek silvered and theturn of his shoulder became sculptured marble...The body lifteda fraction of an inch from the sand and a bubble of air escapedfrom the mouth with a wet plop" (154) Here we see little transparencies that, in reality are eating Simon's decayingbody, but in the symbolicsense, they are sort of cleansing him. They are paying close attention to his headmaking a silver halo of sorts appear, and turning his shoulder into chiseled marblelike one would make an angel wing. Wesee him rising off the ground, and even though it's just an inch, we know the Christ rose as well.Simon died trying to save his friends andpeople, just like Jesus gave himself for thesins of the people of the world. In conclusion, Simon represents Jesus, and therefore he is the good in the island. Jack, although very bad only represent the bad on the island. Finally, Roger represents not the bad, but the evil on the island. He is the opposite of Simon and is therefore the embodiment of the Lord of the Flies and the devil himself Project Done By : Kaci Wilson
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