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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Lady Or The Tiger By: Frank Stockton Rising Action Expsition The exposition of the story is that we find out how powerful the king is. Also that whoever doesn't agree with the king is faced with a trial of the lady or the tiger. As of the rising action, we find out that a young man falls in love with the kings daughter. Although the king finds out so he puts him on trial of 2 doors. Which oneside has a pretty lady and the other has a tiger. Climax The climax of this story is very unique. One reason why is because as a reader the author tells you that the kings daughter knows which door is which. Although shes stuck in a hard position. For instance, because of how much she loves the men she does not want the man to choose the door with the tiger and get eaten. Though also she dosen't want him to get married to someone more prettier than her. Falling action During the falling action we find out that the daughters king motions to her lover on which door to pick. So there for, we would find out what would've been his upcoming fate that the princess chose for him. Exposition In the resolution, instead of the author telling us if it ends good or bad he does something unique. He leaves the readers thinking, and makes the readers decide what fate we want the men to take. Resolutionn A common theme that showsrelation between the short storyThe Lady Or The Tiger and Harrison Bergeron would be loveand friendship. One reason why is because they both have to do with a couple falling love. Such as the princess and the man. Also the ballerina and Harrison Theme Comparison Tone: anger Mood: annoyed "Jealousy" "savage"" relentlessness beast""possessed of more power""It was one of the fairest and loveliest of the damsels of the court" My Mood that I feltthrough the story was annoyed because of one reason. Which was because at theend I wanted to knowthe door that the men would of picked.
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