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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 This was a photo I took when I was at the Lama Temple.I took this photo because I was really bored and decided to take this photo. I used Snapseed to improve the photo and now it looks fabulous! I like the white (or green) spacein the top left corner. I took this photo while I was at the Greek Islands on holiday. I wanted a different type of photo, I was trying to get the sunover the cross but I got this cool none-effected black andwhite. I used the light to make the picture look cool! Sometimes the best photo's are the ones you didn't expect! This photo was taken on the Great Wall. This was taken when meand my family first came to China and decided that we should first goto the Great Wall! My dad took thisbut I told my Dad how to take it!We took about 50 photo's but aftera while we got the perfect one. AfterwordsI used Snapseed and amped up the drama of the photo and that did what I wantedit to do! This photo was taken at the Temple ofHeaven. I used the grid on my iPhone'sphotography setting to make it straight.I used Snapseed to create this amazing,dramatic photo. It looks really fake but it's actually real!!! There is a lot of white(blue) space in this picture which makesit look a lot better! This is were I used to live, inBeijing, China. I took thispicture while I was in the carbecause it was a lovely dayand I thought it would look amazing with the sky.Incredibly the photo came out instead of blurry! This picture has no filter. There is a lot of white space. Hope You Enjoyed!I Enjoyed working in this Enrichment!!! by Liam :D
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