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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Leadership You let the fire go out(Ralph,69) A chief A chief I ought to be chief,(22)(Jack) The fire is the most important thing on the island(Ralph,80) the choir belongs to you, of course.(23)(Ralph)They could be the army(23)(Jack) Because the rules are all we've got(Ralph,91) We want smoke and you go wasting your time. You roll rocks. (Ralph 108) We cant have everybody speaking at once. Well have to have hands up like at school(Ralph,33) All day Simon and I have been working. No one else.(Ralph,50) Weve got to start the fire again (Ralph 115) This infographic was created by Cando Advertising. This is showing leadership because Ralph is not just letting it fly by but he is making Jack aware of the mistake he made. This is showing leadership because the sense of urgency to get everyone rescued was a very quick response and he wants to get everyone rescued. This shows leadership because Ralph is acting and making decisions in a leader like manner. This is leadership because he is making everyone aware that if there is no fire they will not be rescued. This is leadership because Jack is stepping up and wanting to take on a tough task. This is leadership because Ralph is saying that the only adults they have are the rules so respect them and treat them well. This shows leadership because Ralph and Simon were the only two boys that were actually doing labor and not playing or goofing off. The next moment he was on his feet shouting smoke smoke!”(Ralph,65) Jason McCollister Thesis: Golding shows the importance of leadership in the novel Lord Of The Flies through making Ralph chief and leader of the group. Ralph is important because he gives orders, makes plans, calls assemblies, organizes the group, andcontributes to the survival of all the boys. This is showing leadership because Ralph gives a job to Jack that will be productive as well as enjoyable. Ralph is showing leadership because he is making it clear to Roger that if he wants to get off the island than he needs to stop goofing off and do something productive like get fire. This is showing leadership because Ralph is trying to get everyone rescued with fire and he is taking responsibility for the group.
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