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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cycle 1. English Language Learner Action Research Project Brigette RiveraLMU 6080 St. Louise De Marillac School, CovinaFirst Grade Jacob. Cycle 2. Reflection. Focus Student. The graphic organizers and scaffolding of skills through the use of PowerPoint presentations allowed Jacob to review, analyze, apply skills presentedin weekly lessons, and facilitate his understanding of the stories read. use of the graphic organizers throughout the curriculum gave me an opportunity to monitor the struggles and areas of strengths of my students and plan lessons accordingly. These intervention strategies were helpful in reaching the varied learning styles of the students in my class and helped improve the verbal interactions in class discussion and understanding of content. Jacob demonstrates poor performance in language arts, specifically in area of reading comprehension. Jacob displayed a lack of confidence in his skills, relying greatly on teacher guidance and support. He tries hard but whenhis lack of confidence and frustration build he tends to shut down and cries. It is often difficult to get him refocused. Language arts instruction includes whole group instruction and language art centers. Students rotate to three centers; two are teacher-led centers and one independent center,in small cooperative groups. The small cooperative groups allow students to discuss, share ideas, and work on a variety of activities that review the focus skills of the week independently and with partners. Jacob is reading at a belowfirst grade level and struggles with decoding and comprehension skills. Based on his STAR Reading Jacob's test performance is comparable to the grade equivalency of an average kindergartener after the fourth month of the school year. My focus ELL student is a six-year old boy named Jacob, a first grader at St. Louise De Marillac School in Covina. A variety of graphic organizers were implementedduring the intervention period of the research project.The graphic organizers useddistinctly emphasized and organized the main ideas and comprehensionstrategies of the story selections for the week. Selection Test 6 78% Selection Test 1 Selection Test 2 Selection Test 4 Selection Test 5 ZPD 0.462% 65% 55% 55% 70% 80% 85% double click to change this title text! double click to change this header text! double click to change this title text! Selection Test 3 STAR Reading AssessmentBaseline Test double click to change this title text! Pre-Intervention. Unit Test 1 Post-Intervention.
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