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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bobby Pendragon, "Traveler" from second Earth, protector of Halla, fighter of the horrific Saint Danefinishes an abnormal trip through a flume, to find himself caught in what seems a web of vines. Where is he? Who has the flume sent him to help this time? Bobby knows the routine: change into the clothes of the territory, leave the flume entrance, and find the territory's traveler. Unfortunately, the only clothing in sight seem to be these repulsive, stinking, rags,lying on the floor of what looks like a cave. Bobby uses vines to try and tie the rags around his waist, feet, and chest. Finally sufficiently tied up in rancid shreds, Bobby finds an exit and begins to explore. Bobby is quickly cornered by monsters: the quigs of Eelong. Red eyed, cannibalistic, humans. Bobby is about to lose his life, when suddenly, two giant jungle cats attack the quigs, sending them running. One of the cats walks up to a terrified Bobby and introduces himself as Boon. Yes, the cats on Eelong, called klees, can speak. Boon tells Bobby that he will be the acolyte for the next traveler. He also warns him of a few of the dangers on the strange territory: tangs, quigs, hungry klees, and the fact that Bobby is not dumb like the other "gars" in the territory. In this place, the culture centers around the fact that people are inferior to cats, and therefore should do all of the dangerous work. Bobby is simply overwhelmed by the complexity of the world these "cats" have created. Skywalks, solar powered machines, intricate systems... All so different from what he grew up with. Stay tuned for more news on Bobby's adventures, from Pendragon, Book 5: Black Water.
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