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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NO. 4 SKILLS ll NO. 1 EDUCATION NO. 2 RESEARCH NO. 3 EXPERIENCES TV Program Editor, China Central Television (CCTV) Outlook Channel, Beijing, China Jun.2014-Present Correspondent, Macau Inc. Magazine, Macau, China Apr.2013-Present Freelance, ShangAomen Magazine, Macau, China Apr.2013-PresentSocial Research Consultant, Davids Marketing Communication Ltd., Macau, China Sep.2012-Apr.2013 Marketing Director Assistant, Prime Marketing & Promotional Services Co., Ltd, Macau, China Nov.2011-May 2012 description here lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipsicsing elit description here 31% description here description here description here description here description here description here description here description here description here 13% 44% 32% 19% 7% 51% 11% 22% 14% of PRC), 1 out 3 Macau contestants in 2013 FLTRP Cup National English Public Speaking Contest Nov.2013 Top 10 Finalists (by Macao Polytechnic Institute), College Category of 12th Macau-Wide English Speech Contest & 19th 21st Century Cup National English Speaking Competition -Macao Regional ContestMay 2013 Best Presentation Prize (by IEEE Macau Section) of IEEE Student Project CompetitionSep.2012 China Daily (HK) Scholarship (the highest GPA& the first student in MUST getting this scholarship)Sep.2012 Social Services Award of Excellence & Scholarship by MUST (outstanding achievements in culture field) Sep.2011 Henry Fok Ying-tung Scholarship (the highest GPA)Sep.2011 Cultural Award of Excellence & Scholarship by MUST (outstanding achievements in culture field) May 2011 Champion for the 7th Session of Institutions of Higher Learning Student Writing Competition by Macau Tertiary Education Services Office (the first student getting champion in freshman year) Dec.2010 The Best Debater, MUST Freshmen Debate Competition The Introduction of TV Ratings in Macao Area-Based on Audience Analysis, Macau, China Advisor: Prof. Yannan Liu Feb.2014-May 2014 Searched for references (domestic and abroad), responsible for paper writing, conducted qualitative study;Research on Influential Factors of Online Consuming Comments Based on TPB (Theory of Planned Behavior), Macau, China Advisor: Prof. Zhen Sun Dec.2013-May 2014 Designed and collected 364 questionnaires, interviewed 2 focus group, conducted correlation and regression analysis by SPSS, wrote conclusive research paper Study on the Female Role in the Korean Families Immigrated to Macau, Macau, China Advisor: Prof. Io Weng Tang Oct.2013-Jan.2014One-on-one in-depth interviews, wrote conclusive research paper which was included in Telediffusion of Macao Co., LtdThe Co-existence of Macau Historical Areas and Modern Advertisements, Macau, ChinaAdvisor: Prof. David Vong Sep.2012-Feb.2013Designed and collected 967 valid questionnaires, conducted data analysis with SPSS, wrote conclusive research paper , whose excerpts was published in Macau Monthly Study on Foreign Exchange of Macau after Macaus Return: Retrospect and Prospect, Macau, China --The First Highlight Research Project of Macau University of Science and TechnologyAdvisor: Prof. Qing Yan Feb.2012-Aug.2012Collected information and materials, arranged meetings, recorded interviews Participated as the only undergraduate researcher (others were PhD students) Research on Current Situation, Trend and Corresponding Suggestions of Macau Inflation, Macau, China Advisor: Prof. Xin Wang Mar.2011-May 2011Gave qualitative and Document analysis to news reports, collected data and information;
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