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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LIFE Skills Classroom Mrs. Crumby's Classroom Teacher aides are treated just like teachers. They have the same expectations and help just as much asthe teacher in the classroom. The aides help the teacher out in any way they can. They also are the ones that do most of the toileting sothe teacher can continue teaching. They help take data to update goals as well as are given a group to help during independentwork time. IEP Adaptive Equipment ' Preparing for STAAR ALT 2 A student's IEP goals and objectives is what determines the progress the student has made. It is updated every six weeks as well as their BIP if they have one. There should be goals for all the core subjects (math, science, history, and English). There is many different types of specialized equipment offered to the students in the LIFE Skills classroom to help them access the curriculum. Some them include a slant board, special scissors, cozy lights, a trolley/pulley system, I Pads, and other communication devices. LRE Teacher Aides Students in the LIFE Skills classroom prepare for the STAAR Alt 2 with their Unique curriculum that is specially designed for students in special education. The curriculum they use is News2You, Unique, and Equals Math. Students in special education are being integrated into the general education setting as much as possible to ensure they are in their LRE. Some classes that students in the LIFE Skills class are in is: art, PE, choir, band, theatre arts, and managers for various sport teams. Functional Skills Student in the LIFE Skills class are taught functional skills; meaning the basic skillsthat will help them live independently.Since they are being taught a modifiedcurriculum their diploma will be different from someone that is in general education classes. The diploma that they receive will not allow them to go to a four year University, but these students in the LIFE Skills will not be attending these Universities anyways.
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