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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Leonardo Fibonacci Leonardo Fibonacci Biological Facts Educational Facts Family Life and Upbringing Countries Visited and Lived In Life Contributions Fibonacci's Work Fibonacci's Death Birth Year: 1170Born in Pisa, Italy He studied in North Africa to get a higher education o His father held a diplomatic post thereStudied there 1190-1200 (11 years)While there he learned the Arabic Number SystemHe studied mathematics in Bugia Liber Abbaci (The Book of Calculation)Practica Geometriae (The Practice of Geometry)Liber Quadratorum (The Book of Square Numbers)Flos (The Flower)Letter to Master Theodore Born to Alessandra (Mother) and Guglielmo (Father)His father was a merchant representative of Pisa to BulgiaHis mother died when Fibonacci was nine 1250 Pisa, ItalyNo information on how he died UnspecifiedBuried in Campo Santo, Pisa, Italy Born in ItalyHe went along with his father during his travel (visited various countries)He traveled extensively with his father Lived in North Africa for a higher educationLived in Bugia (now called Bejaia) (A Mediterranean port in Northeastern Algeria)Traveled to these countries to study different numerical systems and methods of calculation o Egypt o Syriao Greeceo Sicilyo Provence Ended his travels in 1200 and returned to Pisa, Italy Number Theory The Hindu-Arabic place-valued decimal systemThe use of Arabic numerals into EuropeThe numerator has quotations around itHe introduced the bar used in fractionsThe square root notationFibonaccis SequenceRome gave him a salary in recognition of his services that he had given to the cityo Matters of accountingo Teaching of the citizensThe salary that Rome recognized him with, shows the passion for what he knew, that he cared, and that he wanted to share his knowledge Statue of Fibonacci in the famousPiazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, Italy
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