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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Leuekemia Cancer Chronic leukemia is most common in adults over the age of 50. Acute leukemia normally is more common in children and happens at a very fast pace. Leukemia is a disease of the blood-forming organs. Usually tumors which are found in the bone marrow. There are two types of leukemia which are acute and chronic. Acute Leukemia The two types of acute leukemia are acute myeloid leukemia(AML) and acute lymphocytic leukemia(ALL). AML ALL In 2014 there was 18,860 new cases of AML and 6,020 new cases of ALL. Chronic Leukemia The two types of chronic leukemia are chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia(CLL). CLL CML In 2014 there was 15,720 new cases of CLL and 5,980 new cases of CML. Risk Factors Down syndrome Genetic disordersSmokingExposure to chemicalsExposure to radiationFamily history One out of three people with cancer will die from leukemia. 1/3 of people will not live past five years after being diagnosed. cure More kids die because of leukemia than any other type of cancer. Treatment chemotherapy ( using strong anti-cancer drugs)stem cell transplant ( treatment with high doses of chemotherapy)radiation therapy (killing cancer cells by exposure to high radiation) interferon therapy ( to slow the reproduction of leukemia cells ) Facts There is no cure yet, but there areclinical trials underway. If a twin has leukemia the other twin has a one in five chance of developing leukemia as well.
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