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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] LE DERSHIP What Does it Take to Become a Leader and Have a Leader Mindset As a leader, you automatically have a higher standard for yourself and others, in order for your group and yourself to be succesful "66% of business leaders say they are more aggressively educating employees on their role in delivering on the value proposition."--Grant Thornton Which means leaders educateand show how the task issupposed to be done, insteadof just telling the employee andleading them with no guidance. 1st Interactive Activity: Fun factsEveryone takes how many pieces of candy they want. Once everyone has candy, we get into a circle and everyone says a interesting fact for every piece of candy in their hand. This activity helps the class get to know each other. And can be fun. 2nd Interactive Activity: FlinchEquipment: A ball, preferably one used for dodgeball games. One that is soft and easy to throw and catch.Instructions:Everyone stands in a circle with their hands behind their backs. One person starts off by throwing the ball to whoever they would like. They can either toss the ball or pretend they are and then sike out the person they are throwing it to. If anyone flinches they are out of the game and then the circle becomes smaller. In the end there should be two people left and to determine who wins, they have a one-on-one battle to see who can flinch first. Whoever is left wins and then you can play again by starting over CALM ATTITUDE -Don't Choke - Be confident and Know what you're talking about - Be ready for every question LOOK THE PART -Don't dress like a fool -Dress like you know what you're talking aboutSET AN EXAMPLE -Others will follow if you show the right way -Be the person that knows how to communicate the right way so yourpeers will be on the same level of knowledge on that topic. TRAITS THAT HELP LEADERS EXCEL ALWAYS BE A LEADER No Matter The Sport, Group of Friends, School, or any Other Opportunity You Have to be a Leader! STEP UP! 10 Qualities that make a Great Leader According to Forbes:Honesty-Raise the bar of expectation higher and and promote your standardsAbility to Delegate- Trust in both your teams strengths and yoursCommunication- .Clearly state what you believe should be done so others can see it through your eyesSense of Humor- Laugh at the problems instead of crying. Spread positive energy.Confidence- As a leader, Don't panic. Put out the fires instead of spreading them. Commitment- Lead an example. Work alongside the hard workers to show that you are doing the same.Positive Attitude- Keep yourself and your team motivated and keep energy levels up!Creativity- In times of hard decisions, as a leader, think outside the box to make the right decision.Intuition- Guide you and your team through the everyday task even when the unexpected occurs.Ability to Inspire- Generate enthusiasm for hard work. Make yourself and your team have a visionthat success is vital, not optional!
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