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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Support employees through career development andplanning; match job tasks to skills, align knowledgeand experience to mitigate development gaps. Emerging Leaders Inclusive Positivity Personal Growth How do you think OPS Learning & Development can best support emerging leaders in today's climate? Transform Leadership Build an inclusive environment which is about individual learning, production value, and leadership practices whichextend beyond the manager-employeedynamic. Open Communication and Diversification ofManagerial roles to improve efficiency, andfoster innovation instead of cutting backemployee services. Use the dynamic differences betweenCoach, Mentor & Manager tonurture employees and optimizecompetencies. Culture Provide opportunitiesrelated to an employee'sdevelopmental goals Education Management Endorse open communication; it is okayto fail, and use this as a"learning opportunity" tofoster innovation. G. Cicovacki, OCT March 16, 2015 External - optionsto experienceLeadership dynamics /tertiary education. Conferences whichendorse "Leadership" values.(London X, NationalYoung Leaders, etc.) Build a capacity whichencourages Learning, Personal Growth & Career Advancement Foster a positive workenvironment to develophigh-standards of service Finding value in thework done increasesthe quality of workproduced; challengesare necessary to produceexcellence. Coaching & Mentoring;cross-ministryengagement, diversestreams of learningoccasions.
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